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Business Development is an amalgam of activities covering strategy, sales, account management and marketing. Its aim is to grow the business by simultaneously focussing on the customer to develop and grow existing products and services while watching the market and potential future customers for new products and services. It is then the role of the business developer to focus on the opportunity and bring it into the business, either by leading the bid and preparing the proposal or handing over to a dedicated bid team.

We at Cedarwood can help to develop strategy, identify user requirements, prepare bids and shape proposals.


Marketing is one of the most difficult areas for companies to get right! Get the marketing mix right and customers will seek you out. Get it wrong and profits will be hard to find. Successful marketing will result in stronger products, happier customers and bigger profits. We at Cedarwood can help you to develop and grow your marketing presence. New to the game or need to get to the next level; we can help with strategy, marketing refresh or just give a plain old second opinion.


If there is one thing that strikes fear into businesses the world over, it is the threat that cyber attacks can destroy reputations, steal millions and degrade the credibility of businesses large and small, thus impacting directly on profitability. If your business has intellectual property, keeps customer details or does business across the internet then you are at risk. The good news is that there are things that you can do to protect yourself, including conforming with the Government and Industry backed CyberEssentials scheme. While legislation has been relatively slow to catch up, rules of conduct to be adhered to by business are coming. It would be wise to be prepared. We at Cedarwood can help by assessing threats and vulnerabilities


It is true to say that investing in training can be costly. Lack of training leads to a dull workforce and eventual stagnation:

Question: “What if we train the workforce and they leave?”

Answer: “What if we don’t train them-and they stay?”

We at Cedarwood can help to identify training needs and prepare and deliver training packages that will materially help your workforce to stay sharp, focussed and up with the chase.


Life doesn't always run smoothly in the best of businesses and occasionally it is necessary to get in some expert help in at short notice. This is where Cedarwood can help. We have access to highly experienced individuals who are capable of stepping in at short notice, hitting the ground running and operating with great effectiveness. If you have this sort of requirement, contact us.

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